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Price on request available. The Audiolyser ADL20 audio meter is a class 4 lightweight audiometer which due to its weight is easy to move. Read more
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Fast and easy to use: that is the Audiolyser ADL20 audio meter. The device is an indispensable one on the market  for auditive tests. Portable and light, this instrument executes reliable and practical screening tests in a wide variety of circumstances. This is possible due to the large variety of headsets that can be connected to the audiometer.

Audiowin 20 software

  • Interfaced with the full software package.
  • 2 user modes – automatic and manually.
  • Creating test sequences.
  • Possibility for exporting medical results.
  • Comparing curves over time.
  • Selective prints and exporting PDF files.
  • Displaying predicted values in line with the ISO 7029 standard.
  • Calculating MP 42, MHL (Mean Hearing Loss) and EWI (Early Warning Indicator).

Multilingual Vocal Assistant

The Audiolyser ADL 20 is equipped with a Multilingual Vocal Assistant that directly provides the patient with test instructions coming through the headset. It is possible to set the device to the desired language. The available languages on the device are: French, German, Dutch, Arabic, Chinese and Italian.

Audiolyser ADL20 audiometer cover pack

The audio meter is shipped with a set of ear cushions. These are biodegradable and suitable for one-time use. The ear cushions help to maintain the life of the ear cushions with no decrease in the measuring quality, as well as providing a hygienic solution. Wearing ear cushions during testing is obligatory. The Audiolyser ADL20 is including the Holmco PD-81 headphone.

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