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PTSPanels eGLU glucose test strips use electrochemical (amperometric) technology to produce a glucose result.

When the blood is applied to the test strip, the blood starts a chemical reaction that produces an electrical current.

The current is converted into a glucose result and is displayed on the analyzer screen.

50 tests per vial.


The test system will detect glucose levels from 40-600 mg/dL (2.22-33.3 mmol/L) and will display a number value for results in this range.

Results below this range will read, “LOW” or “<40 mg/dL (2.22 mmol/L).”
Results above this range will read, “HIGH” or “>600 mg/dL (33.3 mmol/L).”

The analyzer will display “CHECK KETONE LEVEL” for glucose test results greater than 240 mg/dL (13.32 mmol/L).

Materials provided

  • 50 PTS Panels eGLU glucose test strips.
  • MEMo Chip (contains lot-specific test strip information).
  • Instructions for use.

Materials that are needed but not provided

  • CardioChek Plus professional analyzer.
  • Quality control materials.
  • Lancets for fingerstick (or venous blood collection supplies).
  • Alcohol wipes and gauze.
  • Capillary blood collector or other precision pipet for blood collection and application.

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