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Price on request available. The Visiolite Master Vision tester is a modern and versatile device that can be used for conducting (preventive) eye research. Read more
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The Visiolite Master is an innovative device that is easy to work with. This automatic device is designed for conducting (preventive) eye research. It contains various eye tests, including color detection and field of vision. With the Visiolite® Master you can measure the following eye functions:

  • Visual acuity.
  • Contrast sensitivity.
  • Red-green refraction.
  • Astigmatism.
  • Heterophoria.
  • Stereoscopy (depth vision).
  • Fusion (binocular vision).
  • Age-related macular degeneration /Amsler grid.
  • Color detection (Ishihara test).
  • Periphery field of vision.
  • Central field of vision.


It is possible for you to select or program the testing components in self-made protocols to create a specific type of test for a particular professional profile or occupational hazard for a client, so that only necessary tests will be conducted and no redundant ones.

By means of illustration, one of the possibilities is to configure the device for tests specifically suited for drivers. Similarly, you can (pre)set normal values as well as limit values. All obtained results will be directly registered to the pc. The Visiolite® Master allows you to conduct tests from close by (33 centimeters), from screen distance (60 centimeters) and from far off (5 meters).

You can conduct these test with monocular or binocular vision. In addition, it is possible to conduct more visual acuity tests in order to avoid unconscious or deliberate remembering of the optotypes on the eye chart. In an attempt to create a most ergonomic design, the Visiolite® Master is equipped with a sensor on the head to detect the positioning of the forehead of the patient. If the forehead is in correct alignment, the test can commence, be conducted and be reproduced.

Testing with different light intensity

The Visiolite® Master allows you to conduct tests with different light intensity:

  • High photopic (daylight).
  • Low photopic (daylight, for individuals with light sensitivity).
  • Mesotopic (twilight).

The 16 vibrantly white LED lights divide the light in a consistent homogeneous manner and provide clear and stable illumination. The Visiolite is available with or without software. In addition, the Visiolite can be connected with the ODIS biometrics software. This software package allows you to operate all devices, as well as entering (one time) patient records which enables you to optimize your examination process.

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