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THP² Virus Killer is an ecological and versatile ozone generator for disinfection of commercial and public spaces. THP² Virus Killer disinfect wherever you want! Read more

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THP² Virus Killer is an innovative and portable device that allows room treatment to be selected for up to 60 minutes.
The device generates 6000 mg / hour of ozone and is therefore able to treat even large rooms. Thanks to the flexible ozone delivery hose included in delivery, it is also possible to add ozone to water containers, to clean surfaces and objects. The dispenser hose can be plugged into cockpits of cars and general purpose vehicles, ideal for car rental and driving school owners.

THP² Virus Killer is designed for air purification and disinfection of the surfaces of medium-sized rooms, with a maximum volume of 200 m3 / h and is equipped with a “safe system” for extremely accurate dosing in the rooms to be treated.

The ozone generator guarantees a complete inactivation of all micro-organisms, the elimination of toxic and harmful residues, organic and inorganic in the air and on the surfaces and eliminates persistent odours and dead mites, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, cockroaches and moths .
• Leaves no traces and drastically reduces the use of chemicals.
• Does not damage the materials in the rooms and does not stain the fabrics.
• It only takes a few minutes to purify an environment.
• Maximum penetration capacity: cleans even the most difficult points to reach.

Based on the Ozone technique, pathogens such as bacteria, fungi and pollen become inactive and viruses are killed. It disinfects surfaces and objects in the affected area.
This method is increasingly used in hospitals, (sports) medical and examination rooms, nursing homes, offices, restaurants, etc.
Ozone is a natural force without additional effects, it is 100% ecological. It is a natural gas with a very high oxidizing capacity with the property that it dissolves without leaving any traces or chemical residues. Due to its high oxidizing capacity and natural tendency to return oxygen (O2), it is a gas with very good properties suitable for use in many applications for the treatment of air and water. The result is clean, fresh and disinfected spaces.

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