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The scope of a multi-use testing system is completely dependent on the wishes, needs and means of a company and its intended audience. This allows for the making of a custom testing system for each organisation.

A multi-use testing system contains a digital data console for each testing tool. One advantage of this is that multiple individuals may be tested simultaneously, allowing for a continuous flow of participants.

The advantages of the Multi-Use Set are:
•    Professional, essential health assessment.
•    Automatic (and essential) reporting and advice.
•    Valid basis for a tailored follow-up procedure.
•    Central and secure data storage for the purpose of long-term monitoring.
•    Multiple individuals can be tested simultaneously, for a continuous flow of participants.
•    Proficiency and quality guaranteed through cooperation with research institutions, such as HAN University of Applied Sciences.

It is the ideal retention testing tool! Or do you wish to make money off health checks? We are happy to calculate your profits for you.

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