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The SanaBike 500 Easy used for performing defined exercises during ergometric examinations and therapeutic applications Read more

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Comfortable load unit
The speed-independent load is granted by a high-end eddy current brake with computer-controlled torque measurement.
This control, together with the ideal centrifugal mass dimensioning, results in a very pleasant pedaling feeling, allowing the patient to fully exploit his or her reserves.
The mechanism, consisting of state-of-the art components, runs almost noiseless, even at high speed.

Stable construction, individual configuration
The infinitely variable seat offers an optimal sitting position for patients between 120 and 210 cm height.
The handlebar can be adjusted. The easy passage between handlebar and seat is especially helpful for elderly and handicapped patients.
The comfortable seat corresponds to the latest developments of touring saddles in the bicycle industry.
It might be useful to install differently shaped saddles for different purposes (e.g. pulmonary function examinations with athletes, rehabilitation etc.)
For this reason, the saddle pipe is equipped with a standardized saddle fixation to enable easy mounting of all commercially available saddle models.
The stable steel-aluminum construction of the ergometer frame and the drive mechanism easily supports a weight of up to 160 kg.

User-friendly control center
The computer-controlled electronic high-end control center is situated in the measuring head.
The measuring head’s front-side features the control elements and a back lit graphic high-resolution LCD display.
Its side, containing the display, is usually oriented towards the person operating the device.
This is why an LED speed display is mounted on the head’s upper side, clearly visible for the patient.
If the device is used in the rehabilitation or training sector, the measuring head can easily be turned around to allow view on the display and control unit.


  • High load precision.
  • Rotable measuring head.
  • Measurements controllable using a PC program or an ECG unit via RS-232.
  • Stable steel/aluminum construction for a max. weight of 150 kg.
  • Pleasant pedaling feeling.
  • Almost noiseless, even at high speed.
  • Elegant, dirt-repellent casing.
  • Low maintenance.

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