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Trailblazing functionality and expressive design, combined to create the perfect stress echo reclining ergometer. Read more

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Trailblazing functionality and expressive design, combined to create the perfect stress echo
reclining ergometer. The low couch height specifically enables convenient access for elderly
patients – without the interference of the ergometry unit, support elements and seat.
The extremely sturdy design supports patient weights of up to 200 kg without vibration during
ergometric testing.

• patient weight up to 200 kg
• horizontal and lateral inclination up to 45°
• remote motor control (wireless option)
• ergometry unit folds away easily
• whisper-quiet belt drive
• load range from 6 to 450 Watts
• maximum comfort
• choice of upholstery colors available
• universal interfaces
• wide range of expansion options

Max. patient weight up to 200 kg
The stable base frame and the vibration-free design
guarantee the highest level of safety and enable the use of
the reclining ergometer with morbidly obese patients.

Hip support
The variably adjustable hip pad ensures secure lateral
patient support during stress echocardiography
examinations in lateral positions.

Underarm support
Together with an integrated handle, the easily adjustable
underarm pad offers additional patient support during the
lateral tilting of the stress echo reclining ergometer.

The comfortable headrest with lateral support can be
moved over a wide range for easy adjustment to the
patient’s body size.
The laterally attached speed display is easy to read in any
position and can be folded away when not in use.

Drop section for echocardiography
The easily folding cushion element considerably simplifies
ultrasound examinations in lateral patient positions.

Examination couch
A few hand movements turn the ergoselect 12 into a full-fledged comfortable examination couch – the ultralight and
compact ergometry unit is simply unlocked and lowered until flush with the couch surface. After removing the seat and
shifting or removing the lateral support elements, no inconvenient rails or mounting elements remain in the couch surface.

Pedal shoes
The specially developed pedal shoes secure the patient’s
feet at the ergometry unit and reliably prevent slipping off
the pedal cranks, even in lateral position.

Speed display (cadence)
During the ergometric test, the patient display shows the
current speed for control, while additional icons warn
against overly low or high speed.
The display is directly connected to the headrest and can
be folded away laterally when not in use.

Remote control
The examination position and seat settings can be
conveniently adjusted via remote control with multiposition memory. A wireless version is available on
request. The independent pivot areas for both motors
make it easy to move the couch into any position.

Versatile functions
Ergoselect 12 is not only a perfect stress echo reclining ergometer, but can also easily be used for other applications.

Emergency lowering
In the event of a power failure, the built-in battery-driven
emergency lowering feature ensures that the ergometer is
moved to the starting position so the patient can safely get

Hygienic upholstery fabric in a variety of colors
The high-quality upholstery fabric with its fine
microstructure is an ideal choice:
It is durable, easy to disinfect, and antibacterial, to name
just a few of the outstanding material properties. The
pad cushions are available in many colors to match any
practice or hospital interior design.

Chest compressions
The completely vibration-free design of the reclining
ergometer even allows for performing chest compressions
in horizontal position directly on the couch surface without
the need to move the patient.

ECG connection/interfaces
All leading ECG manufacturers support a control
option for ergoline ergometers in their exercise ECG or
ergospirometry systems.
ergoline ergometers offer a wide range of connection
options. In addition to the standard RS-232 and USB
interface, wireless connections via Bluetooth or WiFi are
available as well.

*Additional accessories on request

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