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THP² Europe introduces its Total Health and Performance Plan Compact Set. This compact digital measuring set consists of software, devices, questionnaires and health reports.

This set makes it possible to professionally conduct do measurements and perform tests within small spaces. Seven different measurement systems are connected to a central server and measure features like blood pressure, flexibility or grip strength.

Afterwards, the results are analyzed and combined to come to an advice on how to improve general health.

The advantages of the Compact Set are:
•    Professional, essential health assessment.
•    Automatic (and essential) reporting and advice.
•    Valid basis for a tailored follow-up procedure.
•    Central and secure data storage for the purpose of long-term monitoring.
•    ‘Compact’: Takes up little space.
•    Proficiency and quality guaranteed through cooperation with research institutions, such as HAN University of Applied Sciences.

It is a compact digital testing set with web-based software, automated health reports, an online questionnaire module and all testing tools included in a wireless network.

It is the ideal retention testing tool! Or do you wish to make money off health checks? We are happy to calculate your profits for you.

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