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The simplest device for accurate remote patient monitoring and homecare. Real time test available on smartphone via Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Read more

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App-Based Spirometer

The simplest device for cost-effective spirometry.
Real time test available on Smartphone via Bluetooth Smart 4.0 Ready to Connect: designed for Remote Patient Monitoring, Homecare, Clinical Trials and 3rd party software integration.

Software Development Kit for iOS and Android available for developers. Compatible mobile Apps (MIR Spirobank and iSpirometry) available for iOS and Android with Unlimited Online Free Updates.

Since the beginning of the COVID–19 emergency, people seldomly attend doctors’ offices and avoid trips to the hospital whenever possible.
Now more than ever, there is a need of greater accessibility to tools that allow us to personally assess our state of health and, in particular respiratory function.

Technical specifications:
Width: 49 mm
Length: 109 mm
Thickness: 21 mm
Weight: 60.7 g (batteries included)
Turbine: Reusable Turbine with plastic
Power supply: 2 batteries AAA 1.5 V
Consumption: max 12 mA
Stand by: 8 uA medium
Backup battery voltage: none
Batteries charger: none
Autonomy: 5-10 years (Stand by)
Connectivity Bluetooth®: 4.0
Mouthpieces: Ø 30 mm (1.18 inch)
Type of electrical Internally: powered protection
Safety level for shock hazard: Type BF Apparatus
IP protection level: IP22

Flow sensor: bi-directional digital turbine
Flow range: ±16L/s
Volume accuracy: ±2.5% or 0,05 L
Flow accuracy: ±5.0% or 0,20 L/s
Dynamic resistance: <0.5 cm H2O/L/s
Temperature sensor: none
Test available: FVC,
Measured parameters: FEV1, PEF, FVC, FEV1/FVC ratio, FEV6, FEF2575
Memory capacity: the application on the smart phone memorizes data

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