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Available on backorder

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Available in 3 versions with touch screen display:

  • Spirometer.
  • Oximeter.
  • Spirometer and Oximeter.


  • Stand alone complete operation with large memory capacity (10.000 spirometry tests).
  • On line tests both wireless (Bluetooth connection) and via USB connection COMPLETE. WinspiroPRO® PC SOFTWARE (Windows environment), always included at no charge, with free upgrades and EMR capabilities.

WinspiroPRO® pc software (Windows environment), always included at no additional cost, with free upgrades and EMR options.


  • Spirometry selectable tests: FVC, VC&IVC,MVV, PRE and POST BD with wide selection of predicted values.
  • Oximetry selectable tests: Spot, 6 Minute Walk Test, sleep analysis.
  • E-diary: Fast on-screen symptoms entry.
  • “3D Oximeter®” : Movement sensor to correlate the SpO2 variations and the physical activity (walk counter, movement analysis, VMU).


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