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The couch/semi-couch safety ergometers Sana Couch 1000 were developed for use in the cardiology sector. Special safety aspects, e.g. in cases of suspected cardiovascular disorders, stress test after a cardiac infarction or after bypass operations, and special exercise ergometry applications, such a heart catheter examinations, require the use of a couch/semi-couch safety ergometer.

The use of a couch/semi-couch safety ergometer is also recommended for the examination of elderly and disabled patients. Thanks to the optimal positioning of the patient on the lying surface, a performance identical to bike ergometry is achieved.


  • Complies with the European standard DIN EN 13405 and EDINVDE 0750-238.
  • Easy to operate.
  • Accurate blood pressure measuring unit.
  • Rotatable control console.
  • 5 configurable ergometry programs.
  • Remote control of PC program.
  • ECG spirometry unit via RS232 or WLAN interface.
  • High load precision.
  • Almost noiseless drive mechanism (even at high speed).
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Stable handlebar and large foot rest with low frame, allowing for easy mounting for all patients.
  • Lying surface and head rest can be adjusted by use of a motor.
  • Infinitely rotatable by means of motor (0° – 45°).
  • Stable steel tube construction for patients weighing up to 160 kg.
  • Elegant and easy to clean casing.
  • Base adjustors for stable positioning.


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