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Triglycerides and cholesterol are the main types of fats that are transported in blood. Individuals with a high triglycerides level should consult a physician for advice.

Triglycerides may be high in persons with diabetes, kidney, liver or heart disease. Individuals with elevated triglycerides may also be at higher risk for heart disease.

Test in a fasting state (no food or drink, except water, for twelve hours). Fasting triglycerides levels may vary significantly from one day to the next and are affected by diet. Triglycerides test results must be interpreted by a trained medical professional along with other factors such as HDL cholesterol, total cholesterol, diet, exercise, and family history.

A MEMo Chip® is provided with each package of test strips and must be properly inserted into the analyzer before any test can be run.
The MEMo Chip contains the test name, calibration curve, lot number and test strip expiration date. After the test strip is inserted into the analyzer and blood applied to the strip, test results are displayed in as little as 45 seconds.

25 tests per vial.


This test system will detect triglycerides levels from 50-500 mg/dL (0.56-5.65 mmol/L) and will display a number value for results in this range.

Results below this range will read, “LOW” or “<50 mg/dL (0.56 mmol/L).”
Results above this range will read “HIGH” or “>500 mg/dL (5.65 mmol/L).”

Materials provided

  • 25 PTS Panels triglycerides test strips.
  • MEMo Chip (contains lot-specific test strip information).
  • Instructions for use.

Materials needed but not provided

  • CardioChek PA or CardioChek Plus professional analyzer.
  • Quality control materials.
  • Lancets for fingerstick (or venous blood collection supplies).
  • Alcohol wipes and gauze.
  • Capillary blood collector or other precision pipet for blood collection and application.

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