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An arm ergometer with weight basket for measuring anaerobic and aerobic capacity in the upper body.

The weight basket enables instant loading and the calibrated weights vouch for unmatched accuracy, repeat-ability and reliability.

The ergometer is positioned on a stable fixture which can be adjusted in height to facilitate an optimal cycling position, sitting or standing.


  • For aerobic and anaerobic upper body test (Wingate option) and training.
  • Adapted for use from a wheelchair.
  • Offers the possibility of performing different tests thanks to the accurate workload which can be calibrated.
  • Weight basket power control system. Easy to get accurate workload thanks to weight basket system (0,1 0,5, 1 kg weights).
  • Workload range 5W (basket 0,1 kg)-700W.
  • Easy to start with lighter flywheel.
  • Extremely low start power 5W.
  • Adjustable height, both standing and sitting.
  • Calibrated with correct weights.
  • Special handles (standard threads).

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