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The personal health status is objectively defined by the minute analysis of the Autonomic Nervous System and Peripheral Blood Circulation. Read more

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Compact Device for Assessing Arterial Stiffness and Peripheral Circulation
The personal health status is objectively defined by the minute analysis of the Autonomic Nervous System and Peripheral Blood Circulation. The HRV (Heart Rate Variability) is proven as a general health indicator in many published studies and the APG (Accelerated Plethysmograph) waveform is also proven as a indicator of cardiovascular health. With the given data of HRV and APG waveform, the aspects of health and perceived health problems can be specified and evaluated. The concerned area of diagnosis includes physiological energy, pain, emotional reaction, sleep, social isolation and physical mobility.

Autonomic Nervous System
The ANS (autonomic nervous system) is a part of the peripheral nervous system that functions to regulate the organic processes needed for the maintenance of normal bodily functions. The activities of ANS are affected by continually changing environment such as emotional stress, fear and alterations in the sleep-wakefulness cycle, change the level of autonomic activity.

Stress Test
HRV (Heart Rate Variability): It helps test the autonomic nerve activity, and balance of Sympathetic Nerve and Parasympathetic Nerve. If someone has chronic stress or hightly stress, the autonomic nervous system function weakened by the decrease of heart rate causes to increase the risk of cardiovascular disease.

Stress Result Screen

  • Heart Rate (Average, Highest, Lowest, Ectopic Beat).
  • Overall Tone of Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Balance of Sympathetic and Parasympathetic Tone.
  • Physical Stress.
  • Emotional Stress.
  • Stress Dissolution Ability.
  • Stress Score.
  • ANS Activity.
  • Fatigue Index.
  • Electro-Cardiac Stability.


  • Predict of Cardiovascular disease.
  • Predict the disease related to the stress.
  • Clarify the balance of Autonomic Nervous System.
  • Estimate the body response caused by the stress.

Peripheral Circulation Test
APG (Accelerated Plethysmograph) waveform is derived through 2nd differential pulse waveform detected at the finger tip. By analyzing APG waveform, NonoPulse separates the components of the waveform more clearly resulting in vascular health.

Test Result Screen

  • APG (Accelerated Plethysmograph) Waveform.
  • DPI (Differential Pulse wave Index).
  • Cardiac constriction power.
  • Arterial elasticity.
  • Remaining blood volume.
  • Vessel status.


  • Peripheral blood circulation disorder.
  • Early detection on the hyperlipidemia.
  • Cardiovascular dysfunction.
  • Early detection on arteriosclerosis and evaluate the aging process.


  • Operation by connection with laptop or desktop computer.
  • Autonomic Nervous System Function analysis (Automatic interpretation – DDR (Direct Diagnostic Report)).
  • Screening of overall health in arterials.
  • Easy analysis of measuring result and follow up checking with accumulated memory.
  • FDA Certificate in USA.
  • Compatible and linkable into DataBase.

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