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The golden standard for Wingate and anaerobic tests. Read more

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The golden standard for Wingate and anaerobic tests.
The unique weight basket enables instant loading and the calibrated weights vouch for unmatched accuracy, repeat-ability and reliability.

The 894E has extra reinforcements and extended floor support to withstand the tremendous strain involved with anaerobic tests.
The weight basket can be controlled manually or automatically with the Monark anaerobic Test Software which also enables multiple different test analysis tools.


  • For anaerobic test.
  • Multiple bouts with fatigue index.
  • High sampling frequency (50Hz).
  • Weight basket, the fastest way from “0” to full power. Its easy to get accurate workload thanks to weight basket system (0,1 0,5 1 kg weights).
  • Start from 0 rpm with accurate power.
  • Unique Anaerobic Test Software (ATS software).
  • Extra rigid frame.
  • Easy to calibrated with correct weights.
  • 5 kHz HR system (only in display).
  • Easy to connect to PC with RS232.
  • Workload range 50W (basket 1 kg)-2400W.
  • Extra wide floor stands, prepared for fixed installation.
  • Adjustable seatpost.
  • Combi Spd pedal.
  • Medical Device class IIa.

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