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Customizable PC software for Spirometry, Oximetry and Telemedicine projects. Read more

Available on backorder

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MIR is world recognized for a wide range of software packages for specialists in respiratory illnesses, doctors and patients.

In order to satisfy the needs of customers, MIR’s R&D team has developed a large number of software solutions.

All MIR software are supplied with the guarantee of free update.

Customizable PC software for Spirometry, Oximetry and Telemedicine projects:

  • FVC , VC, IVC, MVV, Bronchodilator Reversibility, Bronchial Challenge with FEV1–response curve with protocols for both Methacholine and Mannitol.
  • Paediatric Incentive for Spirometry.
  • Home Care and Telemedicine management.
  • Quanjer 2012–GLI Predicted values with LLN and Z–score.
  • Patient Trend Charts for easy follow–up.
  • Search engine for instant access to data.
  • Specialized and customizable Printout.
  • Wide choice of communication protocols … and more.
  • 3D Oximeter® management, O2Gap Index, Sleep Desaturation Analysis , 6 Minute Walk Test, Daytime Physical Activity Report coupled with Desaturation Events.


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