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AfaSense – Create your own tests, reflect your training wisdom.



  • Touchscreen display (32 inch)
  • Force mat (dubbel)
  • Wireless motion sensors (3 units)
  • Reactive training lights (6 units)
  • Heart rate band
  • Body analysis module


  • Readyness
  • General fitness assessments (pro)
  • Strength & Conditioning performance
  • Perceptual cognitive
  • Explosive power
  • Speed
  • Change of direction
  • Rehab & back to sports
  • Joint range of motion (Pro)
  • Agility
  • Balance
  • Stability
  • Fitness assessments (basic)
  • Yoga/Pilates Fitness
  • Joint range of motion
  • Juvenile athletic ability
  • Body composition analysis

Background information

Coaches, rehabilitators, and health management institutions of various sports and training focuses can freely combine any test to form a special personal profile of each athlete and client. Coaches can create demonstration videos for these test bateries, explaining the purpose of the test and the essentials of the movement. Individuals and health service personnel can set test frequency of each test item, and AfaSense will push pre-scheduled test items daily according to these settings.

Body function and brain cognition, both are important!

Excellent sports performance, especially professional competitive sports, requires a high degree of cooperation between the brain and the body. AfaSense is the only sports science platform in the world that provides evaluation and training both body function and brain cognitive. AfaSense’s MoLight is also the world’s first reactive training system that can be activated or controlled by specific body movements, simulating the brain-body coordination under high-intensity exercise, and improving the training level of professional athletes.

No assessments can be more intelligent.

AfaSense conducts in-depth analysis of key sports science tests, such as counter movement jump, forming an unique signature, from which we can conveniently observe changes in athletic performance, potential neuromuscular fatigue, and changes in motor patterns caused by overtraining.

Simple tests reveal great secrets.

The daily Readyness test is of great significance for professional athletes to maintain peak performance, for staff member to maintain health and full work energy, and for disciplinary units to maintain the overall state. AfaSense’s Readyness quick test consists of three one-minute tests including vertical jump, reacttion light, and balance. The vertical jump test reflects a person’s explosive power and potential neuromuscular fatigue. The reaction light test intuitively tests the reaction speed of the brain and visual system, the balance test assesses core stability and the body’s fine motor control. Through the comparative analysis with historical results, AfaSense can quickly and comprehensively determine the individual’s competitive and physical status.


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