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AfaSense – Sport Science For All!



  • Touch screen display (32 inch)
  • Force Mat (dual)
  • Wireless Motion Sensors (3 units)
  • Body Analysis Module


  • Fitness assessments (basic)
  • Fitness assessments (pro)
  • Yoga/Pilates fitness assessments
  • Joint range of motion (Quick Test)
  • Juvenile athletic ability
  • Senior fitness tests
  • Muscle strength & endurance
  • Balance
  • Body Composition Analysis

Background information

AfaSense has designed a set of human performance assessment systems specially for the gmys, each test is between 3-5 minutes, covering important daily health assessments such as general physical fitness, neck and shoulder flexibility, spinal mobility, core muscle strength, static and dynamic balance, youth physical fitness and cardio respiratory capacity. It helps personal trainers accuraterly understand the physical state of members and formulate efficient training plans.

Fitness assessment (pro)

Test items (10-20 minutes):

  1. Explosiveness – Vertical Jump
  2. Upper Body Strength – Push-ups
  3. Core Strength – Curl-ups
  4. Flexibility – Standing Toe Touches
  5. Agility – Quick Feet
  6. Balance – Single Leg Stand
  7. Endurance – High Knees

Yoga / Pilates Fitness assessment

Test items (5-10 minuten):

  1. Flexibility – Standing Toe Touches
  2. Core Strength – Curl-ups
  3. Upper Body Strength – Push-ups
  4. Balance – Single Leg Stand
  5. Spine Mobility – Spine Rotation
  6. Endurance – High Knees

Joint range of motion

AfaSense provides easy and accurate sport rehabilitation assessments. The 9-axis motion sensors are used to measure the main joint flexibility of the body. AfaSense Cervical and Shoulder Mobility Assessments measure cervical flexion and extension, cervical lateral curvature, cervical rotation, shoulder flexion and extension, and shoulder combined internal rotation and external rotation. It helps individuals and personal trainers to clearly understand the condition of the main joints of the body and to perform relevant rehabilitation training and corrections in a timely manner.

Body Composition Analysis

AfaSense body composition analysis adopt 8-electrode bioelectrical impendence analysis (BIA) technology. It measures full body and segment fat muscle percentage, it also analyzes body hydration and metabolism levels.


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